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Have you seen The Kitten Club?

If not please remedy this as soon as you are able, unless you are allergic to laughing your socks off, or too young to get into a bar.

If you have let them know I think they are awesome and I wish them all the success they deserve.

I have seen these brilliant ladies on two separate occasions now and I can confirm that they are a hilarious and very talented and much better value than your average burlesque troop.

Yes there are the very sexy outfits, and the amazing singing and the brilliantly naughty stripping, but who would have expected the laugh-until-you-cry magic trick involving a banana being confused with a bandana, or the interactive story that plunges head first into the bizarre dragging the audience with it?

Go on have a brilliant night out.


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And then we went to Thailand

So this is the most adventurous I have even been and the furthest I have ever travelled, so a few highlights and pictures:

One of the many astounding views from our ferry from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi:

A special mention should be made regarding Andaman Wavemaster‘s ferries as the lack of overcrowding and obvious supply of life jackets on one we took from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi was head and shoulders above other ferry companies that we used.

(Unfortunately on the way back using another company the ferry was highly overloaded and if it weren’t for my experience of London Underground commutes, and my confidence in my swimming abilities I would have found it very hard to cope with.)

Holiday Inn has never been so glamorous:

This is where we first stayed, and I am glad of the foresight of my fellow traveller who decided it would be a gentle introduction to Thailand following our epic trip.

Staff were fantastic and even walked us across the island to our next ferry when we carried on to Koh Lanta, our stories of snow in London were met with as shocked faces as ours were in response to the idea that 33C in the shade wasn’t warm enough and that we should come back for when it hit 45C!


Long Tail Boats, actually, they are everywhere and the Sea Gypsies earn their living by ferrying people, goods, fishing and laying fishing nets from them. The sound of the engines is like a motorbike in a swimming pool and they are a fantastic way, and often the only way, to get from ferries to shore and about mangrove swamps.

Koh Lanta, we discovered is where all the Swedish and Swiss holiday makers go with their families, I was amazed and amused to see people eating Swedish meatballs and waffles in a 33 degree heat; a true home away from home.

Wanting a more authentic taste of the area we headed south and to the basic, but entirely delightful and friendly Andaman Bay resort:

One of the problems on the islands is the number of semi and completely feral cats and dogs that inhabit it.

Luckily for them and the islanders there is a charity called Lanta Animal Welfare which provides veterinarian services, neutering and rabies vaccines to try to bring the problems under control. Unfortunately the traditional animal control methods are either very cruel or neglectful.

The charity is funded only by private donations and the profits of the beach front restaurant called Time for Lime which does excellent, highly informative and most importantly fun cookery courses.

One trip on a slightly overloaded but massive speedboat to Koh Rok means I have memories of beauty that will never leave me:

And I learnt how to snorkel without swallowing half the sea!

So much happened on this trip and Thailand has a bizarre mixture of extreme riches and poverty; however it is a beautiful and dignified place and I am look forward to my return to this interesting Kingdom.

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