Up, and over and back down, at The O2

With the cold weather and dark days slowly closing in it’s easy to forget how warm and lovely London was but a month ago.

At the beginning of September in a gorgeous 28°C (82.4°F) heat we grabbed our carabiners latched on to the safety line and made our way to the top of the O2, formally known as the Millenium Dome and most recently rebranded as the North Greenwich Arena at the London 2012 Olympics.

It’s enormous, so much so that my intense fear of heights didn’t even bother to kick in as there was tent, tent and more tent for yards beneath the fabric walkway all the way to the observation deck.

On the deck the view was stunning, and intriguingly confusing. The structure sits on an ox bow bend in the river Thames so many of the city’s famous landmarks appear completely in the wrong position at first. Thankfully there is a panorama guide of points of interest at the top that makes things a lot easier!

The descent is steep and a lot of leaning back and shuffling was required in order to get down, when I suggested that I thought they should add a giant slide to our guide he enthusiastically, and much to our delight, informed us that there had been rumours about adding a zip line (aerial runway). 🙂

You’ll have to get through the somewhat cringeworthy introductory video at the beginning, but after that it’s a great experience and I recommend it. I was also very please to hear that it is also wheelchair accessible, so everyone can join in the fun.

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