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Hibernation is Over!

*kicks away the tumbleweed, dusts down some spider webs*

Looks like I am going to have to change this blog from “sporadic updates” to “random updates” at this rate!

Apologies readers, I have been caught up in the world of new business*, a broken mobile phone camera, and full time work so failed to keep up with the blog, however I have been making some effort in other corners of the internet as you will see I have been trying by adding reviews of restaurants and interesting places to Trip Advisor.

Anyways, so what next for the blog?

Well I got a new phone with a snazzy camera so first off, here’s a picture of one of the hidden gems of central London, the Fountains at Barbican as viewed from Gilbert Bridge:


Well we’re off to Budapest for an extended weekend, and have heard there are many an interesting sight to behold so stay tuned.

*Social Results


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