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A Kind of Corporate Chaos

Imagine someone took reality, shook it about a bit and dropped you into a universe that was similar, but somehow completely different to the one you normally inhabit.

This is immersive theatre.

Last night I was lucky enough to go to the Office Party at the fictional company Product Solutions, and it involved every kind of over-the-top office party drama you could imagine and many you wouldn’t.

Instead of passively watching the audience is subsumed into the company, given ID badges and allocated to different departments at this wonderful site-specific venue. Before long an elaborate story unfolds drawing the audience into the fray as things become more challenging and surreal.

Let the Games Begin

Not one for spoilers; if you have never experienced immersive theatre before this event is something special and I strongly recommend giving it a go. I may just make my way there again before the end of the run in January.

Motivational Speaker?

If you can’t make this event, but like your entertainment to be challenging do try to find something immersive, it’ll change the way you look at theatre for good.

I do caution that this is not likely to be enjoyed by reserved people who do not like to get involved, or find burlesque a bit too much. This event is about as loud and raucous as it gets, and as there is nowhere to run you have to just suspend your disbelief and go for it.


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