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You have left work and arrived at a designated meeting point close to London Bridge.

You have approximately 2.8 hours to get to survivors of the Zombie invasion in order to get coordinates that will allow you to navigate the area and arrive at the resistance HQ.

Additionally you will have to avoid being tagged and infected by rather fast moving Zombies as you go.

This is 2.8 hours later, a real time game devised and organised by Slingshot, and its terrifying, difficult, and funny as hell.

Before this, the only time I was likely to break into a sprint would be if I was being chased by an axe wielding tiger. But I ran like hell screaming like a girl, as did my team mates, when the Zombies appeared on street corners and under bridges.

This was my first experience of a “pervasive” or “location-based” game, it was run like clockwork, and despite knowing it was a game I was drawn into the crazy story.

So did we make it? Three of our seven strong team (me included) were infected and despite making it to HQ there was nothing they could do for us, except hideously effective Zombie make-up.

I shall be on the look out for more of these games, though I must say the bar has been set very high. This was a treat, and as I am aware it will be taking place in other cities in the future I say go for it.

It should be noted that this was an extremely physical challenge; those with mobility, or physical health problems should check with the organisers of these kinds of games before buying tickets.


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